Adoption Referrals

Infant adoption is a safe and compassionate alternative to abortion. Sometimes discouraged by abortion providers, adoption is nonetheless a good choice for women who do not wish to abort but aren’t ready to parent.

Adoption can provide your child with a safe, stable family environment, even if you yourself aren’t ready to do so.

According to women who chose to place their child with adoptive parents, making an adoption plan can be a fulfilling experience. The birth mom can feel good about giving her child an opportunity to live a full life, and about giving joy to a family that has been waiting for a baby. And, of course, she has the option of maintaining contact with her child and seeing her or him grow into adulthood.

Piedmont Women’s Center provides adoption referrals in South Carolina.  

Yes. By law, the mother can select her baby’s adoptive parents based on her personal criteria.

Many adoptive parents honor and deeply respect the birth parents of their adopted children. They make sure those children understand the strength of character required to make an adoption plan. Remember, you have the right to choose your child’s adoptive parents based on what’s important to you—including their sensitivity to and respect for you as the natural parent.

The adopted child is a wanted child. She is wanted by the mother who chooses to carry her to full term rather than abort her. She is wanted by adoptive parents willing to wait weeks, months, or even years to meet her and make her part of their family. According to adoptive mother and author/editor Eliza Carney, “studies show that adoptees are as well adjusted as their non-adopted peers.”

By law, you may opt for an open adoption, in which you can maintain contact and a relationship with your child.

The adoptive parents may cover the costs of your legal assistance during the adoption process.

The adoptive parents may cover the costs of your medical expenses during the adoption process and for a short time thereafter.

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