The Jericho

Tearing Down the Walls Abortion Creates in Our Community.

In the Old Testament (Joshua 6), the Children of God walked around the walls of Jericho by faith and in obedience to God. Then God moved on their behalf and the walls came tumbling down!

At Piedmont Women’s Center we believe God is calling us to tear down the walls abortion creates right here in our community, the walls of shame, fear, anxiety, & regret. However, we know we cannot do it alone. Will you join us as we step out in faithful obedience?

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So Others Can Live!

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To operate all 3 locations requires $100,000/month

Less than one cup of
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Less than eating out once a week.
Challenge your members to be a giving resource.
Invest in the people of your community.
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the Most Vulnerable!

Volunteer at Piedmont Women’s Center:
Apply to become a volunteer and serve 3-4 hours each week at one of our clinics or our administrative office.

Church Partnerships:
Our clients need Jesus! Local churches can bridge the gap with intentional discipleship efforts through our Making Life Disciples program.


to End Abortion!

Pray for those are considering abortion and
our volunteers and staff who are serving them.


Chris Greer of Covenant Christian Fellowship

David Williams of Rocky Creek Baptist Church

Anwin Stone of Bridgeway Church

Nathan Arms of North Hills Church

Lee Norris of Mountain Hill Community Church

Lisa Head of Living Sanctuary Church

Michael Gray of Colonial Hills Baptist Church

Mike Kuckle of Greenville Community Church

Steven Huffman of Morningside Baptist Church

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