The Adoption Option (Part 1) – An Alternative to Abortion

Adoption is a loving option.

Considering adoption does not mean you are selfish or that you are abandoning your child.

Women who choose adoption love their children very much! As you consider the adoption option ask yourself what you want for your child and whether or not you can provide that right now.

You are not alone. We will walk this journey with you and connect you with organizations that can answer your questions and help you make a good plan for your child’s future.

You have a voice. There are several different types of adoption and you can choose which type of adoption you believe would be best for you and your child.

Making an adoption plan is not an easy journey, but being informed and surrounded by loving support means it can be a beautiful journey. Giving your child life and a future is a choice for which you can be proud.”

How it works
Adoptions are arranged in one of two ways: independently or through an agency. Most states allow birth moms a set period of time after delivery to finalize her adoption plan. Laws specifying that amount vary from state to state.

Independent (Private) Adoption. Private adoptions are arranged without an agency. Prospective placing and adopting parents find each other through attorneys, physicians, advertisements, or other facilitators (where legal).

Agency Adoption. Two types of agencies handle adoptions.
Private Agency Adoption. Private agencies are licensed by the state but funded privately. They assist in all types of adoptions and serve prospective placing parents, adopting parents, and children simultaneously.

Public Agency Adoption. Public agencies are licensed by the regional or state government and operate on public funds. They primarily facilitate adoption from foster care.
Approximately 75-80% of adoptions are independent (private or direct), in which the parties locate each other without the assistance of a child-placing agency.

We have many contacts for independent and public adoptions, and can assist you with all the available options you have. The choice is yours, but the best choice may be to reach out to us so we can help.