What if an unintended pregnancy is not something that derails you, but something that lets you be more truly you? What if you could be a better professional because of your choice? A stronger, more compassionate community member? What if this pregnancy is not an end, but the beginning of a life more fulfilling than you’d imagined?

If you are considering parenting, help is available. Find out here about your resources for nutrition, education, counseling, clothing, housing, and more. Visit one of our centers to network with nurses and community partners who can help you get all the assistance available to you. Talk with women who know what it’s like to manage work or school and motherhood—and have found a lot of joy along the way.

Parenting is hard. So is learning to play an instrument, or getting a master’s degree. But these things that deeply challenge us can become sources of our greatest strength. Read Kimiko’s story. Find out how a little girl can completely change someone’s life … for the better.

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