The Healing a Father’s Heart Bible study is based on the premise that a genuine, permanent healing of post-abortion pain can only come when a man has come to grips with a more primary issue: his reconciliation to God.

One-on-one or in small, confidential groups men share their role in abortion experiences and explore Bible passages that show what God is really like and how He demonstrates compassion to men with abortion in their past. They also learn to apply Bible truths to symptoms such as emotional numbness, anger, depression, and grief.

If you are interested in speaking with someone about abortion recovery for men and the Healing a Father’s Heart Bible study, please call us at 864-244-1434 or email It is safe, confidential, and supportive.

“Wonderful program. The study material is better than I would have ever imaged possible. Thank God for my facilitators!”

“I didn’t think I needed healing, but I did. God touched a part of me I didn’t realize was still broken and walled off. I’m changed.”