How Far Along Am I?

In cases where you’re worried about being pregnant or thinking about an abortion, it’s crucial that you figure out how many days or weeks you have been pregnant. Ovulation generally takes place in the midpoint of a 28 day cycle – or around 14 days after the 1st day of your previous period. If you have been sexually active around the time frame of ovulation, it’s possible to get pregnant. An ultrasound will confirm precisely how far along you might be. Set up a scheduled visit for a no cost pregnancy test at Piedmont Women’s Center. In the event your pregnancy test is positive, we can refer you for a totally free ultrasound examination with one of our providing health care associates.

What If Your Test At Home Is Positive?

Despite the fact you’ve done a pregnancy test at your home, permit us to follow up with a totally free pregnancy test at Piedmont Women’s Center. Our testing is clinical grade and is often much more precise than the home test you did. In spite of this, only a certified doctor can verify pregnancy. In case you have a positive test at our facility, we can easily refer you to get your free ultrasound at one of our providing health care associates.

Free Pregnancy Tests

In case you’re worried about being pregnant, it’s vital that you get a precise pregnancy evaluation and consult with a professional regarding your circumstances. Piedmont Women’s Center offers a secure location so that you can have a totally free medical-quality pregnancy examination. Our pregnancy testing is 99% accurate, much more sensitive than most non-prescription types and can identify hCG (the hormone produced in pregnancy) as quickly as 1 day after your first missed menstrual period. The outcome of your test will be confirmed at your scheduled appointment.

Telling Others You’re Pregnant

An unanticipated pregnancy could potentially cause a nerve-racking scenario. You could be anxious about telling your parents, partner, close friends or other people. Or perhaps you might be worried about finding an answer before other people find out. Understand that you’re not on your own. Piedmont Women’s Center is here to discuss your choices with you. We’re here to pay attention to your worries and offer support as well as suggestions for informing other people that you’re expecting.

Pregnancy Symptoms

When you’re having intercourse and having any of the pregnancy signs listed here, the key thing you should do is find out if you’re actually pregnant.

Late Period

Minor Bleeding

Swollen/Tender Breasts

Feeling More Fatigued Than Usual




Regular Urination

Darkening of Nipples

Food Yearnings or Food Aversions

Set up a consultation for a zero cost, medical-quality pregnancy examination at Piedmont Women’s Center and get assistance with your circumstances. It is all totally free and confidential.

Things To Consider

What exactly are your symptoms?

For how long have you felt these symptoms?

Are your menstrual cycles often consistent or unpredictable?

Did you take a pregnancy test?

In the event you had a positive test, do you have any idea how far along you might be?

This enables you to understand what your choices are.

Make a scheduled visit with Piedmont Women’s Center for a no cost pregnancy test. We can also refer you for an absolutely free ultrasound with one of our providing health care associates in the event your test is positive.