Wow. Your emotions are running everywhere. A couple months ago life was going fine, and now you find yourself pregnant. You may be saying to yourself:

Don’t worry. We help many girls just like you. We strongly believe in helping you make the best choice for you.

Do you need more time to make a decision? If you’ve already chosen to place for adoption, have you made an adoption plan? Do you need to choose an adoptive family? Do you want to spend time getting to know the prospective adoptive family?

Several of us on staff here at Piedmont Women’s Center have considered fostering, and we know many that have chosen to become foster parents. As you consider the foster care option, give yourself time to investigate it thoroughly and to understand how this affects you and your child. We definitely can help you make the decision of whether foster care is your best option.

Interim foster care buys you some time

Interim foster care provides a loving, nurturing short-term home for a newborn infant. It can last as little as a few hours or up to several months. Interim foster families are skilled at caring for babies. This option offers flexibility while you decide what to do.

Interim foster care provides extra time. 

Birth parents may need more time to decide whether an adoption plan is best. They may wish to make a specific type of adoption plan or choose an adoptive family. Some birth moms find that after birth, they must re-process their decision to parent or to place. A birth mom may simply need more time to get to know the prospective adoptive family and be certain they are the ones to raise her child. Paperwork can be delayed. Foster families can step in to provide interim care in any unforeseen turn of events. 

Things to consider: 

It can provide a secure environment. 

The birth father or other family member may file for custody or contest an adoption. Interim foster care can provide a loving, secure environment for the baby while court cases are pending.

Things to consider: Is there a potential custody case?


Interim foster care serves as a safeguard for everyone.

With interim foster care, the birth mom doesn’t have the pressure of making or finalizing her decision during her hospital stay. An adoptive family doesn’t have to live in fear of the baby being removed from their home. The baby won’t be moved from place to place.

Things to consider: Are there any elements about your unplanned pregnancy that remain uncertain? 
Still uncertain on what to do? We are glad to help whatever your situation may be. We provide confidential advice from our team of women. Give us a call so we can help you sort through all your options.