Abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that terminates pregnancy. Piedmont Women’s Center does not perform or refer for abortion.


Within the first three months of pregnancy, an in-clinic abortion costs between $300 and $950. Medical abortion – (the “abortion pill”) costs between $300 and $800. Medical abortions may be obtained only up to 70 days since your last menstrual period. 2


Women considering abortion should first confirm that they are pregnant. A urine pregnancy test can check for pregnancy with a high degree of accuracy. Symptoms such as missed period do not necessarily indicate pregnancy.

If pregnancy has been determined, women considering abortion should also check whether the pregnancy is developing within the uterus or rather is the pregnancy viable. If untreated, a pregnancy located outside the uterus is a potentially life-threatening condition.  A limited OB ultrasound can confirm the pregnancy is developing within the uterus.

As a service to women, Piedmont Women’s Center provides lab-grade urine pregnancy tests, pregnancy consultations, and limited OB ultrasounds. These services are offered free of charge to our clients.


The alternatives to abortion are parenting and adoption.  Numerous community organizations, including Piedmont Women’s Center, exist to support these options.