For years, I struggled with guilt, shame, doubt, fear and depression that I associated with childhood sexual abuse. However, God used Psalm 139:13 to show me that not only had the abuse hurt me, my past abortions played a huge part in my emotional turmoil and despair.

As I read about how God knows us even when we are inside our mother’s wombs, I knew I needed to deal with the decisions I had made to end my babies’ lives.  My mind filled with so many questions: “Would God forgive me for my abortions?”  “Would I ever recover from my grief?”  “Where were did my babies go after they died?”

God led me to Piedmont Women’s Center’s Child Loss through Abortion support group Bible study. Our group met weekly for six-weeks and talked about the emotional trauma surrounding our abortions. We studied God’s character and love for us.  Through this class, I realized what Christ had done on the cross freed me from the guilt and shame I had carried because of my abortions.

The support group gave me the opportunity to meet other women who also had struggled emotionally and spiritually because of their abortion decisions.  Together, we walked through the grief of child loss and mourned the loss of our children.  We even had a beautiful memorial service where we named, dedicated, and committed our babies to God!  God loves our babies even more than we do!

The study showed me that everyone falls short of God’s glory, but God as a loving Heavenly Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for all sins – even the sin of abortion.  Because of Christ, God has forgiven me of all my sins!

I am so thankful for PWC’s Child Loss through Abortion support group.  The truths I learned and the support and comfort I received in my support group changed my life!