Abortion Recovery


If you are a woman or man suffering from past abortion experiences and are interested in the Forgiven and Set Free or Healing a Father’s Heart Bible study support groups, we can help.

Please call (864) 244-1434 or email ara@piedmontwomenscenter.org to begin your recovery.
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“I told myself lies. It never ends well. Abortion tears up the heart of the female as well as the male. None of these individuals had even a remote idea of the personal consequences-short term and long term-of their choice to abort. No one told them what the experience would be like the day they traveled to the abortion clinic.”
– Set Free


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There is no physical evidence that the baby ever existed. There is no place to go and grieve the loss. A woman may feel she has no right to grieve because she chose this herself. A man may be the last person to admit that he has a problem. Whom can they tell? Friend may reject them. People in general may disapprove of their life choices. Even pastors or counselors may not understand the deep shame of post-abortion distress. Where can a person turn?

People deal with the aftermath of abortion experiences in different ways. The way they choose to deal with it changes them. Try as they may to forget, it is a day that will remain in the memory forever.

Do you suffer distress from a wrong choice?
a b o r t i o n
Someone suffered to provide you another choice.
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