ARA Leaders Training Podcast

ARA Leaders Training Podcast


Taught by Jeannie Stoner
Enhanced by ten skilled abortion recovery facilitators
Produced by SailWind, Inc.

Foundational | Organizational
Step-by-step integration with
Facilitating Biblical Healing: The Complete Leader's Guide
to be used with
Forgiven and Set Free and Healing a Father's Heart

The ARA Leaders Training Podcast is a comprehensive training for ministries that desire to begin, grow, or improve abortion recovery programs. It was developed to train ministry staff, volunteers, and facilitators without having to travel to attend training. This podcast contains 34 individual sessions that have been developed to be user-friendly. They can be used in a group setting or as individual training. The podcast contains sessions on foundations for ministry, organizing and improving the ministry, a step-by-step guide for Forgiven and Set Free and Healing a Father’s Heart, and other useful ministry guidelines.

Here is a sample of the podcast: Using the Bible Study Guide and Leaders Guide Together MP3

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