Post-Abortion Personal Assessment



There are many common symptoms of post-abortion distress. It may be years before any of these surface, or they may begin to appear immediately. No one experiences all of them. While there are some symptoms and behavior changes unique to women or to men, there are many symptoms they share.

Who chooses to abort?
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We’re often led to believe that the mother freely chooses abortion. Research shows that two thirds of women are coerced or forced by others [Elliot Institute,]. Parents may coerce a daughter. A husband or boyfriend may just abandon her by passively shrugging off his responsibilities. Sometimes in a rage, a parent or partner may threaten to harm the woman and the child. School counselors, authority figures, employers, physicians, or pastors may exert pressure on a woman. Her own ideas about rejection from the church or others may contribute to her decision to abort.


“There’s a grief we rarely hear spoken aloud. It’s around us all in our everyday lives. Many people we meet at a grocery store or a mall, a restaurant or in church. More than one in four American women…have had an abortion. As many men carry the same unnamed grief.”
Set Free


“To see and hear the pain of guilt and shame will break your heart.”
Linda Cochrane