Baby Bottle Campaign

For the past several years, Piedmont Women’s Center has offered churches and groups the opportunity to participate in the Baby Bottle Boomerang. Last year, about 50 churches in the area accepted the baby bottles in support of Piedmont Women’s Center. Some churches participated in January in conjunction with Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, some churches used the bottles near Mother’s Day, still others waited for Father’s Day and some participated in the fall as part of their missions conferences or as a great mission project.

We distributed baby bottles just like this one to the families of these congregations. We asked them to use the bottles as a reminder to pray for us, educate their children about the value of life, and use it as a witnessing tool to their neighbors. At the end of two weeks, they returned them filled with checks, currency and coins.  The insert allows donors to honor or remember a loved one and have a card sent to a person of their choice.

The church’s role in the Baby Bottle Boomerang is to hand the bottles out to your congregation, inform them on what these bottles do for the lives of the unborn. Collect the bottles a couple of weeks later and call 244-1434 to drop them off to Piedmont Women’s Center.  Also, our staff is delighted to come speak to your congregation about the ministry and the bottles. The last couple of years we have had churches assist us in counting the money in the bottles; for your convenience, we are simplifying this process, so no more counting!

It’s such a simple concept, but God uses it in a mighty way.  Last year we received local mission support from church families to fund the operating costs of our ultrasound program. This past year we gave 710 ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies. Many of those women were not considering abortion; we do know of over 227 women who had planned to abort, but instead chose life as a result of their ultrasounds in 2010.

We would love to include your church in our Baby Bottle program. Please contact Sherry so we can coordinate your baby bottle event. Thank you, pastor, for your partnership in this ministry of life!

In His service,







Lenna Fox Smith, CEO

Piedmont Women’s Center